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Close Windows, Open Doors

Funny Joke

Yes I know Bill Gates is bad but I did this joke anyway

Linus Torvalds says: hey Bill can you open up the Gates its a drought over here

Your IP (Based on what the website sees when connected, If you are using a proxy or vpn, its their ip):

If you are worried about my computer being able to see your IP address when connecting, How about other websites that you connect to,
IP addresses are how clients/servers know where to packets (the data that makes up the webpage, images, etc...) need to go
If your computer has any ip addresses like this


You dont need to worry about bluring them out (cause these IP addresses don't even matter outside your network)
For Example: My Nintendo Wii's IP address is, however you may or may not have a laptop on your network with exact same IP address
Mac Addresses: example 00:21:47:07:54:b6 (My wii's mac address for its wifi adapter) you don't need to blur out this number either (cause mac addresses are subnet specific)

My Other Website

Fun fact: the device where I downloaded vImvzQCb0o8 has the Mac Address of: 00:21:47:07:54:b6

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